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All ideas and dreams flow freely when architects and clients work together in a creative way from the first sketch to the final detail. We can combine knowledge, experiences, and dreams, learning from each other fully integrated with design solutions and build a unique home. Our commitment to research and development has allowed us to bring our combined expertise to engineers, environmental architects, interior designers and structural engineers to combine the latest advances in building technology with techniques drawn from vernacular tradition to create inspirational environments.

While its involvement is important in the early conceptual design phases, it ensures continuity and quality are the very stage of a project, as well as encouraging the sharing of expertise across the project. The Design was created in the spirit of challenging and being challenged. It also plays and important role in stimulating research as well as in arranging cross-disciplinary design on various issues.


Partnership Board

Douglas Margison


Doug was born in Connecticut. He has lived his entire working life in the construction industry. He started as a laborer and carpenter’s helper in his teenage years. In 19... He founded CS Margison builders and construction managers in the United States. over the past decades the company has been responsible for a strikingly wide range of work from commercial, public infrastructure, churches, hospital, civic and cultural buildings to private houses.

He graduated from Wentworth institute of technology earning a degree in building construction technology in the year 1985. He purchased his family’s business in 1992 and grew the company by specializing in private commercial construction. His residential resume includes multimillion dollar homes throughout Connecticut, Block Island, Rhode Island in the United States and in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

His success was established on the foundation of one basic idea: to provide general contracting and construction management services of the highest quality through careful management and close attention to detail. His focus through the years was not always on growth but on consistently delivering the best possible product his clients deserved.  Doug plays an active role in every project and he believes that frequent visits to the site are the key to making sure every detail is thought through while maintaining the client’s budget and schedule. His reputation is indicated by his high volume of work for repeat clients, and his frequent recommendations from the design community.

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Alejandro Gomez


Alex was born in Uruapan, Michoacán Mexico. He studied at the university UNAM School of architecture and graduate in 1998. He starts working on architect studio as a lead design team involved in a wide range of projects, including Private commercial buildings, gas stations, churches and mainly residential homes in mainland Mexico area for about 4 years. In 2001 he and his wife move to San Jose del Cabo, B.C.S. Mexico, and he started working on one of the top leader’s construction companies in the area. He worked as a design member for residential homes in villas Del mar and Esperanza hotel in punta Ballena Cabo San Lucas.

Alex keeps moving and become a senior member of another top leader company in Los Cabos area in 2002 as Project manager leader for over a decade, building very important homes in most of the exclusives residential developments. From Puerto Los Cabos; San Jose del Cabo to Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas. His team won second price design on the state of B.C.S.  by designing a house in the bay of dreams in  He always worked together creatively from start to project to devise an integrated, sustainable design solutions with all their clients. He always ensures consistency and personal service from beginning to end. He worked on over 50 homes projects during this time.

On 2012 he started his own company using his back ground expertise on design and supervision. From the beginning, he had pioneered a sustainable approach to design, through work that spans the spectrum from masterplans to furniture and integrated the clients to create inspirational environments.


Doug along with Alejandro have formed “MG design & construction” company since 2012, now to design and build custom homes throughout Los Cabos, with the same philosophy they have built their career with.
"Create exceptional residenses"



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Aide Contreras

Andres Smith

Guadalupe Ayala

Assistant Project Manager

Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager


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Construccion equipo 2.jpeg

Monica Muñoz

Edith Zambada

Balam Torres

Construction Superintendent

Construction Superintendent

Construction Superintendent


Edgar Rodriguez


Valeria Salgado


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Janeth Guevara

Office manager

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